Friday, November 25, 2011

Much to be Thankful for

It's the middle of the Thanksgiving weekend, and I definitely have much to be thankful for.  For me, Thanksgiving is never just a single day, it usually involves multiple meals with different parts of the family.  This year, I was obsessed with planning my perfect meal.  I searched my favorite recipe sites and food blogs, debated the merits of side dishes and silverware.  I have an amazing new set of dishes that I love, a huge kitchen that is finally the match of my culinary aspirations.  I had my grocery lists and my coupons, family coming on Thursday and Sunday, all the plans were made. 

Surprise!  Life intervenes, everything gets changed, we had to move dinner to Mom's house on Thursday and my sister's house on Sunday.  I still got to cook, and in the end, dinner went well.  It just serves as a reminder that you are not in control, no matter how much you struggle to control life.  I could have screamed and fought and let it ruin my holiday, but I just relaxed and went with it.  Instead, I had fun with Mom, we have been working together and planning Christmas and just relaxing. 

The weather is calling for snow tomorrow night, so it will soon be time to drag the camera to Maple Park Cemetery for Snow Angel photos.  :)  I love the snow on the headstones, at least early in the season before everything gets hidden under layers of snow and ice.  Thankfully I managed to photograph several cemeteries in the last couple of months, so I can work on transcribing them when the weather is bad.  Maybe by Spring I will be caught up, but I say that every year and it hasn't happened yet. 

Happy Holidays folks!